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I wasn't a hippie at all until we started talking about having a baby and then Jesse probably watched with horror as his favorite processed foods were replaced with homemade "stuff" and maybe a little curiosity as I started making my own cleaning solutions.  Then it was all cloth diapers and hypnobirthing and who is this crazy woman and what did she do with my wife? Sorrynotsorry Babe, the rest is history!

Hasta la Vista Teflon!

This just in: my home cooked meals now come without a side of potentially toxic chemicals! When I was engaged I didn't know much a blessed thing about the hippie obsession of avoiding environmental toxins... so of course I registered for a huge set of teflon non-stick pots and pans.

Non-Crunchy Confessions

I'm going to throw myself under the hippie-bus and lose some serious crunchy-points today. Cause this post is all about confessions. Am I a hippie? I sure am. BUT apparently there are still a few things that my non-hippie self is just not that convinced about.

Raise Your Hand if You Want to Smell My Armpits!!

First up: Homemade Deodorant, trial #2. It really works! Now, it's not an anti-perspirant. But as Stephanie says in her blog post, our bodies are designed to sweat so maybe we shouldn't worry so much about blocking that bodily function. Which is kind of a bummer for a girl like me who sweats like a man. Oh well, go-go sweaty pits! But at least they don't stink!

When Lacto-Fermenting Experiments Go Wrong

This is the tale of how I single-handedly caused the greatest destruction my beautiful living room has ever seen.  And almost seriously hurt my husband in the process. Lacto-fermenting (at least my experience of it up until Sunday night) is not generally a dangerous process.

Cloth Diaper Series

A few friends have been asking some questions about cloth diapering, so I'm going to tackle them in a series of posts. I'm certainly not an expert in this area, but I can at least share what I've learned in the past 14 months!

Hippie Alert: I'm Now Making Bread Like Laura Ingalls Wilder

Fun fact #1: You can literally "catch" wild yeast from the air in your house to make bread!  I was super skeptical about this, but sure enough... stir some water and flour in a bowl, cover and leave in a warm place (right on top of my living room heater works awesome), and just "feed" it periodically with a few more tablespoons of flour... and you catch yeast! It's magical!

Kid-Approved Cold Remedy | Homemade Elderberry Syrup and Tea

If it looks like happy hour at the Aiduk Casa, you're kind of right! We are experimenting with a new recipe for homemade elderberry syrup and the girls love their new "berry medicine." I've purchased it before from amazon but it wasn't cheap and I wasn't too happy that it had so much sugar in it. So I had it on the back burner to research a DIY version... well it came to the forefront of my mind pretty quick this fall. (Thanks for the crappy weather Germany)

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