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Life in Germany

So we live in Germany right now. And it's pretty awesome. Here's what life is like around these parts...

German Kindergarten Adventures | Forest Week

What is Forest Week, you ask? Oh you know, just a field trip on steroids. When I first heard about it, I mistakenly thought it was a one-day thing. And then I talked to the teacher after translating the info page and realized it was FOUR DAYS! And they meant business because they literally took a gob of preschool children out in the woods for five hours every day. Brave, brave, souls.

Six Ways to Describe Otterberg's Frülingfest

1. Long walk .. 2. May pole .. 3. Good food and drink .. 4. Beautiful forest .. 5. Music and entertainment .. 6. Friends and family ..

When in Rome: Party with Friends over Raclette

This winter, Julia introduced us to a tradition in Europe called Raclette. Everyone gathers around this cool cooking device on the table and stuffs their faces with meat, cheese, and veggies. I had so much fun (I've never seen anything like this before!) that I asked her if she'd host it again for me to take pictures and blog about it!

St. Martin's Parade of Lanterns

On November 11th, when Americans are celebrating Veteran's Day, Germans are celebrating St. Martin. St. Martin is a famous Christian saint.  He was a bishop known for his charity and good heart.   Every November, the children in the German villages have a parade of lanterns on the day St. Martin was buried.

When in Rome: Get Your Flowers from the Blumen Field

The Germans love all things fresh.  Fresh food, fresh air, and fresh flowers.  I have noticed that most villages have a Blumen (flower) field nearby... where you can go to cut some fresh flowers yourself!  I finally visited the one just outside our village a few times at the end of this summer.  The sunflowers were too much to resist! And such a cheap thrill!

Germany's Fasching Trumps America's Fat Tuesday.  Period.  

Last week the German's celebrated the beginning of Lent (or is it, celebrating the end of non-Lent?) with a festival they call Fasching (pronounced fash-ing)... most notably in the form of an official holiday so everyone can enjoy the festivities.  Like the big parade!  Last year I was super mad at myself that I didn't go with Jen.  So this year I was determined to attend.

Fun Fact Friday: Germans and Public Alcohol Consumption

Half of me is used to seeing it but half of me still does a double take and laughs whenever I see something like Exhibit A. Those Germans sure know how to have fun!  

Fall Recipe | German Onion Cake!  And an Explanation of "New Wine"

Stephanie and I had a "let's do something German" night this week.  So we took my landlady Diana's advice and used this recipe for German Onion Cake. If you're anything like me, the term onion cake causes a bit of a question mark in the mind.  Rest assured folks, I'm going to enlighten you today!

When in Rome:  Ask Questions and Keep Learning | Kneippanlage 

I walk by it all the time because it's right at the end of my road and the beginning of some great walking paths. So finally, one day, I got up the nerve to ASK (I know, so simple, right?) the lady who was sharing the pool with us. On the way home, the girls asked if we could play in the water and it was one of those delightful days where we had nothing to do all day but play.  And that's what we did!

Just a Little Weekend Wandering

What is a Volkswanderung, you ask?  Well, it's basically an organized walk through some beautiful part of your local countryside.  And the add that Lilo gave me from her newspaper literally says (or, according to google translate/Jessica) that it's a "people walk" and you should "bring your migratory friends"!  So that's what the Stocks did!

Take a [Yellow] Drive with Me | Rapeseed Fields in Germany

Welcome to Spring in Germany.  One thing that I will always take with me is the memory of these yellow fields. They're rapeseed plants, used for making canola oil.  And they're everywhere... every drive this time of year is a treat.   

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