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Here are my most popular posts about the various life lessons I'm learning... most of them have to do with motherhood, so fellow moms, I hope as you read them you realize that you're not alone! I want to be honest with you, I'm not super mom. I beat myself up. I learn things the hard way. I melt my kids brains with movies, too.

The Hardest and Best To-Do List Ever | Things I Don't Do

In keeping with my ditch the to-do list challenge to myself, I am borrowing Shauna Niequist's brilliant idea to make a new kind of to-do list. In what she calls her "frantic twenties", a dear friend and mentor told her that you have to know what you are willing to give up in order to do the things you truly care about.

Like Butter Scraped Over too Much Bread

It's not easy to admit you don't want your kids around all the time.  I mean DUH even the most patient mom in the world doesn't want her kids around ALL the time.  But we don't usually say it out loud.  We say things like "I totally love being a stay-at-home-mom!" or "I can't WAIT to start homeschooling!" ... when, at least for myself, it would be more accurate to say "some days most days, my kids make me want to gouge my eyes out with their incessant preschool-ness" or "maybe... maybe I'm not cut out to homeschool my kids after all if I'm jumping up and down at the thought of them going to kindergarten for five hours...?"

She Just Wants to BE WITH ME.

Sam is teaching me a lot of lessons lately. Or rather, one main lesson... over and over. Because I can't seem to get that one lesson through my thick skull. "Momma, hold me." "Momma, I want to be wif you." "Momma, please I be wif you?"

On Dinosaurs, Quality Time, and Looking like a Dork as I "Weeeeee!!!" Down Little Kids' Slides

The benefits of daily quality time are obvious... but I am guilty of letting days go by where I don't play. Or taking them to the playground and parking my tush on the bench while they played and I read. Not that I don't bring a book to the Dino Park... I mean, Momma can only handle so much playtime ;o) But I do notice that everyone seems happier and more affectionate lately. I hope it's because we're all feeling the love!

Flipping the Coin

All of life is a balancing act. And I'm almost never balanced. I'm starting to think this is a relatively normal human problem. But for me, it's a chronic issue, one I've mentioned about a billion times on this blog. Almost every time I melt into a puddle of tears it's because some area of my life has tipped way way to the extreme on the not-balanced side of things.

I know. Normal people seems to posses this fascinating quality... a simple ability to live in the moment and be okay with the mess of life. Being able to say, "this is now and the rest can wait." I, apparently, do not. So I'm learning that to-do lists must be a tool, not a god that bosses you around and freaks you out and turns you into a cranky-pants wife and mom. 

Hi, my name is Jessica, and I have a watch problem.  I didn't realize I was such an addict until I accidentally left my watch on the beach during our vacation. And I think I'm better off without it!  I didn't realize how often I looked at the time... how often I stressed about "what time it was" and the fact that "we needed to hurry up and do this and that" before "that time".

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