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I really like to eat. And cook. I love food photography and I like sharing tips and recipes! Here's what I have to say about my favorite room in the house [the kitchen]...

Ginger Lemon Tea

It's a rainy day in Germany today... perfect for blogging about, and later making, some Ginger Lemon Tea!  Kirsten taught me how to make it and it's my new favorite, for many reasons.  But one thing I love about it is that her Dad taught her how to make it... he always used to make it for her and then she made it for me and now I'm hooked!

Grilled Pizza, Jessica Style

Pizza. I love pizza. It's probably one of my favorite foods because it's like, a whole and relatively balanced meal all by itself PLUS I could make a different pizza every day of the week and never get bored of it! (Expect my husband would stage a "where's the steak?" rebellion!) But pizza is the best. The only thing that makes it better is putting it on the grill!

Recipe | Very Berry Rainbow Salad

This is the only salad my girls will eat. And by "eat" I don't mean "gobble up", I mean "have a few bites, mostly berries, sometimes tomatoes and feta." But they're about ten times more likely to try this salad than they are to try taco salad. Which is my favorite. Darn them. My friend Melissa introduced me to this gem of a salad this summer. I have found it to be a huge hit with my family and incredibly versatile and delicious! So thanks Melissa!

Homemade Sauerkraut | Ferment Your Cabbage TODAY!

I'm really excited for today's post.  Of all the lacto-fermented vegetables I've tried, sauerkraut is my favorite.  It's the easiest, yummiest, and most familiar way to give fermentation a try. Consuming some form of lactic acid-y food each day will give your immune system a great boost.  So this tutorial is perfect to try this time of year - natural illness prevention before winter!

Busy Mom Tricks for Making Fancy Christmas Cookies with as Much Cheating as Possible.  You're Welcome.

Guess what????  CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!!  I love Christmas.  Duh, everyone loves Christmas.  And even this hippie-earth-momma-no-you-can't-have-sugar-every-day-its-bad-for-you-girl will still be making Christmas cookies to enjoy with her coffee this season.  I may even share some with my kids ;o) In fact, I already made some!  They're sitting in my freezer, all cute and decorated and ready to go for Kirsten's cookie swap this December!

Recipe | Getting LITERALLY Crunchy with Soaked Granola

I've been making homemade granola at least once a week since the girls started school. In fact, I'm making some right now! As I was doing it recently without even really thinking of the measurements, I decided it was high time to share this easy recipe.

Kid-Approved Cold Remedy | Homemade Elderberry Syrup and Tea

If it looks like happy hour at the Aiduk Casa, you're kind of right! We are experimenting with a new recipe for homemade elderberry syrup and the girls love their new "berry medicine." I've purchased it before from amazon but it wasn't cheap and I wasn't too happy that it had so much sugar in it. So I had it on the back burner to research a DIY version... well it came to the forefront of my mind pretty quick this fall. (Thanks for the crappy weather Germany)

Whole30 Wednesday:  Homemade Mayo and Avocado Dressing

Just about a week till our Whole30 experience comes to an end!  Not that I'm counting down or anything ;o) So one way that I've been surviving this insane amount of veggies is by making this yummy avocado dressing about once a week.  I got it from the book, but they got it from somewhere else.  And I've also tweaked it to my liking.

Creamy Carrots

Carrots + sour cream = my family's new favorite vegetable side dish.  Seriously, this is the ONLY vegetable I make that when if there are leftovers, Jesse claims them as his own.  Which is unfortunate for him because we have a "first come first serve" leftover policy in this house and I'm faster than him. Sucker.

Quick Snack: Peanut Butter Balls

The simple peanut butter ball.  So easy.  So versatile.  So yummy.  Definitely husband approved. I think the idea is pretty much as old as sin... I've seen it around numerous places.  But I finally decided to try it.  Maybe it finally clicked for me, after five years of watching my husband in munchy-mode go to the fridge for a spoonful of peanut butter.  Maybe he'd like a peanut-buttery snack food instead?

Mason Jar Salads for Busy Moms (Or Other Busy People)

Raise your hand if you just love to spend an hour each day chopping the veggies your family should be eating!  Or making that big beautiful salad for dinner while the other things are burning on the stove because you can only do so many things at once... Solution: SALADS IN A JAR!!!

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