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I'm kind of eclectic in what I like to talk about as far as parenting goes.

Here you'll find popular posts about potty training, kid friendly food, toy organization, parenting lessons I'm learning, and the occasional crafty thing. (And I really do mean occasional!)

I Lost My Watch in Barcelona and Now I'm a Better Mom

Hi, my name is Jessica, and I have a watch problem.  I didn't realize I was such an addict until I accidentally left my watch on the beach during our vacation. And I think I'm better off without it!  I didn't realize how often I looked at the time... how often I stressed about "what time it was" and the fact that "we needed to hurry up and do this and that" before "that time".

I'm Like a Deer in Headlights. Or, How Lily is Teaching Me What True Beauty Is.

Lily's been asking some really hard questions lately... She's even gone so far as to ask "Will they yike me at school with this dress?" When she first started showing us that she was concerned what others thought of her appearance I wanted to run for the hills. Seriously, I almost choked on my coffee. I just wasn't ready! 

Not Perfect, But Seeking to be Present

To be here in these moments.  Before I miss them all, because I just had to get the dishes done, or something equally unimportant.  I HAVE to learn to balance the to-do list with "giving them more of the Mom they've got."

Nemo is Cute, Till He Starts Taking Over Your Brain

If I watch or listen to Finding Nemo one more time I think I'm going to develop a twitch. Which is inevitable, actually, because my kids are OBSESSED with that movie! It could be worse... I would like to give Pixar a shout out for making a movie that is not that annoying to watch 478,000 times. It's a pretty great movie!

New (to me) Parenting Philosophy | Resist Saying No!

I have a new rule for myself.  Most moms are going to say "duh" to this, but hey, I'm a little slow on the uptake, so here it is... Don't say "no" unless you have to.  Also known as: Pick your battles. I find myself correcting, scolding, and saying no far more often than I'd like.  After a recent stand-off between the 3yo and I, My Love asked "why?"  as in "why can't she choose to take her socks and slippers off and run around barefoot on the ice cold tile floor?"

Maybe I Should Have Thought Twice About the Fancy Soap

He had me at shea butter and essential oils.  Maybe he forgot to mention that there are other strange chemicals/additives in there, but it seemed like a legit, hippie-approved ingredient list. And according to the vendor, they're made by the oldest soap making company in France, Bubbles Oh La La!

Birthday Traditions

This year I finally got to start the "Balloon Fairy" tradition.  I snuck into their room while they were sleeping the night before Lily's birthday and splattered about 10-15 balloons around the floor.  It would obviously be more impressive with more balloons but the truth of the matter is, Jesse had fallen asleep early and I was actually going to hit the hay early, too.  It had been a long day at the aquarium and I was ready for bed.

DIY Alphabet Felt Board:  Our "ABC Tree"

So we have informal lessons at this tree.  And I was super impressed the other day because Kirsten was visiting and Lily went over, grabbed the A, and proudly reported "A is for APPLE!... And ant!"  Atta girl!  She also loves to pick out the letters she knows for people's names.  She asks for new ones all the time..

Busy Momma vs. Big Projects: the "Suffer for 15 Minutes" Rule

When a project seems daunting or never quite gets started, try making yourself do it for 15 minutes each day. Only 15 minutes. Anyone can do 15 minutes! I wanted to create a hands-on way for the girls to learn their letters, and the supplies had been sitting around for months.  I'm not specifically a crafty person, I mean, I love completing projects.  But I don't craft as a hobby.  So I found that getting started was really challenging.

Watching as They Grow: Mary Poppins DIY Portable Growth Chart

Our inspiration for the growth chart design comes from Mary Poppins.  I say "our" inspiration, because Kirsten played a huge role in making this look so awesome.  If you're like me, then it's been awhile since you've watched Mary Poppins all the way through... so watch this youtube clip so you can remember the part about her measuring tape.  Skip to the 2 minute mark if you're in a hurry ;o)

The Saga Continues: In Which I Try Desperately Hard Not to Get My Potty Training Hopes Up

So. So... I have a chronic problem of getting my hopes up way too soon in pretty much all areas. But if you've been reading for the past two years you know potty training has NOT gone according to said "me getting my hopes up." I blame Lily. And yes, I'm allowed to blame her. I earned that right when I gave birth to her and also when I got her pee on my hands for the 504,892nd time. (I will blame Sam, too, but mostly it's Lily, and here's why)

Sugar and Spice and Everything... Slimy.

I always chuckle when I hear people's assumptions about life with two little girls... especially when said assumptions imply that all my life is glitter and gold and peace and quiet. Now there IS quite a lot of glitter in my life. I find glitter in every corner of the house, including [most humorously] the toilet seat and My Love's facial hair. But there are other things... not so glittery things...

Please tell me I'm not the only Momma who feels like she's in the middle of a toy graveyard every day. What is it about dumping boxes and boxes of toys out and spreading them all over the floor that bring such joy to a child's heart?  I don't get it.  And I'm sick of it, too.  Because, at least for my girls, once the toys are dumped and spread... they don't get played with anymore.

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