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Milspouse Lessons

Look at these two babies!

I didn't know a blessed thing about military life or being an Air Force wife when my husband graduated from basic. And honestly, I still don't know much! But here are some of the things I've learned along the way...

Lesson #1: Take One for the Team

Deal with it darlin'. Nobody cares. Take one for the team and quit your whining ;o)

Air Force Wife Lesson #2: Get Used to Goodbyes

They happen a lot.  And always sooner than you want them to. I guess the other side of this lesson is to learn to treasure the time you have with people.  Like your family when they visit. Or your new friend that you know you'll possibly never see again after you move in two months.

Air Force Wife Lesson #3: Jump right into friendships. 

Make the most of the time you have.  Jump right into friendships.  When you meet someone cool, don't wait to hang out.  Time goes by way too fast for that.

If you think your husband is busy in tech school, just wait till he's occupational.  A military job is not 9-5.  And in the Air Force, the job has to come before family.  Not that the Air Force doesn't care about and support the military family, but the sooner you come to terms with the amount of work your man will put into this, the stronger your marriage will be.

Don't take no for an answer.  Be polite... but don't be afraid to push for what you need.  Sometimes one person may not be able to help you, but someone else can!

Stay busy.  It helps you keep your mind off things (like how far away you are from everything you know!  And how intimidating it is to live in another country!) and helps you rack up a ton of fun memories!  Staying home is fine, but it's no fun for *all* the time! 

You have to learn to balance a lot of mixed emotions. I love the Air Force (and all the changes it's brought to our life) and I hate the Air Force (and all the changes it's brought to our life).

Lesson #8: The Weekend is in the Eye of the Beholder

It's not important what day of the week your husband's time off is.  It's important that you stop your normal routine and enjoy being home together (or out having fun!) as a family.  The "weekend" is just the time you get to rest together... whenever it falls! 

Be patient with things involving work that aren't his fault.  For example, when he's working a really hard shift the last thing he needs is for YOU to whine about it!  As if he isn't under enough stress...

So that's just one of the many many MANY reasons we are thankful to have Randy and Shawna in our lives.  They think of our girls.  And it gives me a lump in my throat.  Because I know that if mine and J's siblings could be closer, they'd be doing the same kind of things...

I want to be thankful for the fact that we haven't had to go through a deployment, yet. It might seem selfish or strange to be like "I'm thankful because I compare my military experience with other wives and mine has been CAKE!" but it's true! I can't help it!

SO here I am, just starting out on my journey to become a certified NYIP graduate! My first course is called the Complete Course in Professional Photography. \This is obviously going to complicate our lives a little. I'm going to have to re-evaluate my top priorities and shift some around in order to squeeze online school in!

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