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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Auf Wiedersehen For Now

Alright who knows when we'll have internet again, so I'm declaring an official blog break starting... now!  Don't bother checking till at least Friday and don't hold your breath even then ;o)  I plan to spend all of my free time this week moving in and cleaning and exploring our new neighborhood.  Hopefully we'll have internet by the weekend, but no promises! 

We're packing up our bags one more time and *hopefully* ending our month and a half stint of living out of suitcases!  I say hopefully because I'm learning not to count my chickens till they hatch! ;o) 

As in, we haven't yet heard from the old tenants of the apartment to arrange for them to give us the keys.  (The landlords had to leave and the tenants hadn't finished cleaning yet so they told us they'd call yesterday... but... yeah... we're still waiting!)  And I'm planning on all our stuff arriving at the house tomorrow but Bonnie had a situation where she was all ready for the movers to come and they didn't.  The whole day.  Cause they hadn't received all the paperwork! :o) 

SO long story short:  the *plan* is for us to leave the hotel this afternoon.  We'll be dropping Lily off to spend the night at the Oglevee's and have a playdate with Mila on Monday.  Jesse and I will spend the night (with Sam) in the apartment... camping out on new sleeping bags that we have to buy still! :o)  Then Jesse goes to FTAC in the am and I wait till the movers come to start unloading and unpacking.  Jess comes back to the apartment around noon to meet up with the inspector from housing who needs to make sure everything's okay with our loaner washer/dryer and wardrobe/closet things that we get to keep while we're here.  And THEN after everyone leaves and we go get Lily...

...we'll. be. HOME. 


  1. I.will.miss.you...
    it is sad *verlieren* contact for this week, but we are praying for a smooth move, and favor for on time deliveries, and for grace throughout...
    so excited for you. would just like to ammend your last blog word to - "home for now" ;)

  2. Wow, that sounds kind of frustrating. I hope everything goes smoothly with moving in.

  3. Monday - I miss your posts!

  4. so this is how it was in the 'old' days-
    loved ones in germany and NO way to be in touch except snail mail...b.u.m.m.e.r. (and thank you God for skype!)
    love you guys-

  5. Didn't realize HOW many times I checked here till this post.... wow.
    Miss you! -Maryah

  6. LOL @ Maryah. Me too! Hope all is going well. Looking forward to the day your internets is hooked up and your house is put together. Praying!

  7. Tuesday - - I miss your posts again!!! Can't wait for more grand-baby pictures!

  8. Hey guess what? It's Wednesday and I STILL miss your posts, but I am having fun and looking at your blog from a year ago and leaving comments that you will probably never see! But my favorite is stalking your youtube channel and watching all the videos!

  9. Antwort (answer)

    Tasha: And what?
    Natalie: Dant worth
    Josh: And Fart

    Thanks for adding that to your blog. It brings many belly laughs. :)

  10. Hahaha! That is sooooo funny Nicole! :) LOL! -Maryah

  11. well, it's Thursday and you only promised "possibly" tomorrow . . . but you can bet that I will be checking as soon as I get up in the morning (and prob'ly several times during the day as well). If I could call or text I would suggest a visit to an internet 'hot spot' (there has to be one on the base, right?)if it isn't installed at your house yet! I . . . miss . . . YOU!

  12. Guten abend -
    Ich vermisse Dich...very much.

  13. youre going to feel either stalked or loved-
    please feel the love =]

  14. Yeah Jessica, you can tell that we Americans over here only live for your blog....we're LOST without you! It's been so long.....and what you said: 'Don't bother checking till at least Friday and don't hold your breath even then ' ah, we don't listen much do we? -Maryah

  15. Apotheke (pharmacy):

    Tasha: Apple cake ah
    Josh: Allie cake ah

    :) OK, I promise I won't do that every day. OK, I can't make that promise. However, if you don't find it as cute as I do (since I'm realizing not everyone thinks my kids are as funny as I do haha), I'll stop. Til then... *evil laugh*....

  16. It's Saturday (night - so Sunday morning in Germany) and it's pretty obvious you don't have internet yet - - happy mother's day!

  17. ditto!
    happy mother's day to you!
    much much love from us