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When I was decently pregnant with daughter #1, my husband was job hunting. The rural area of upstate New York that we lived in at the time wasn't giving him much luck...

So he looked at me one night and asked, "What do you think about the Air Force?"

To which I calmly replied HECK NO!!!!!!!!!

I'm not dramatic at all ;o)

But seriously, I was terrified about all the unknowns of military life and I just didn't know if I could handle it! (control freak alert) Fast forward almost five years later and here we are!

An Air Force family living abroad.

Who knows where the road will take us next! I'm proud of My Love for his service to our country and I'm so thankful to be on this adventure with him! 

So what will you find for YOU here? 

I'm super passionate about keeping it real. This is a safe place to discuss the ups and downs of life, and my many lessons along the way, including the tough things about motherhood.

I want to encourage you. 

I'm living in Germany, so I have tons of things to say about my experience overseas. I love it here and if you live here or are planning to live here, you'll get a kick out of my antics (and hopefully some tips from our travels!)

I want to be a help to you. 

I'm making this blog your go-to place for my take on life: my kitchen tips, tricks, and recipes... a place to cut yourself some slack about parenting "musts"... a place to ask a crunchy momma what her experience was with cloth diapers... a place to learn what it's like to live in Germany as an Air Force wife.

And your place to get a good laugh.

Cause I don't take myself too seriously! 

Thanks for visiting with me!

I know your time is precious and I'm so honored that you're spending some of it here with me!


  1. This is great - it seems like it really captures your personality.