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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Giveaway | Nourish Your Skin with Natural Products from Raisin' Acres Farm

I'm so excited today!

I am absolutely in love with this company and I get to share some of their goodies with you!

Dry-skin season is upon us! Lily's eczema is already flaring up. And with all I have on my plate right now, making natural lotions and potions for her is pretty low on the priority list.

Outsourcing to the rescue! 

Sherri Stickler of Raisin' Acres Farm makes these fabulous soaps, lotions, and balms out of goats' milk and all natural/organic ingredients.

You can find their website here.

On top of these fabulous products that you can feel good about putting on your skin (and the skin of your loved ones) she also blogs about her wealth of knowledge.

You have to check her out! Raisin' Acres Farm Blog

This woman is boss on all things crunchy. Reading her blog is like pulling up a chair in her kitchen and grilling her with questions about natural remedies, gardening, essential oils, fermenting, immune support, and cooking... while you sip a cup of warm chai and get a good laugh, too!

Raisin' Acres Farm sent me some samples and she also donated THREE sets of goodies that I get to pass on to you, my faithful readers!

My favorite product so far is the soap. We wash our hands so often (or, rather, I try to encourage us to wash our hands so often) that it really drys out the skin in winter.

This goat milk soap is so gentle and soft! 

The scents are fantastic... my favorite is the lavender/patchouli.

I also really like the rose cream, which I use all over for Lily. And I've been using the Momma's Medicine on her especially dry patches, with great results.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

So here's the giveaway! Use rafflecoptor to either "like" the donor's page, my page, follow me on twitter, or tweet a message about the giveaway! 

It's that easy!

At the end of the giveaway I'll select three winners to be the lucky recipients of NOT ONLY a goody box of one of the Raisin' Acres Farm bundles, but ALSO a few Happy Hippos from Germany... they are pretty much the best little candy ever! You will die and go to Nutella Heaven. (Unless you have a nut allergy... then please. Don't consume!)

But seriously, enter to win! Enter multiple times! Tell your friends to enter!

Let's support Raisin' Acres Farm AND keep our skin soft and paraben-free this winter!


  1. Ooh those products look marvellous. Have entered the competition. Fingers crossed. Sx

    1. Aren't they amazing Sam? I'm super excited to share the love... good luck! Thanks for commenting!

  2. how cool- ive been wanting to place an order!

    1. You won't regret it! But wait to see if you win the giveaway first ;o)

  3. I already use the soaps, crèmes, and salve, and we love all of it. Great stuff!! Thank you for sharing it here!

    1. Sure thing Tab! And thanks for taking the time to comment! Which is your favorite product so far?

  4. I work at the Childcare center on base in a newborn classroom and I have such dry hands! I wash them constantly and it would be great to have moisture restored!

    1. Awesome well I'm glad to be able to recommend the products to you! Do you think they'd let you bring soap to use at the class itself or would you be looking more for the hand cremes?