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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Last night on the phone Jesse told me it was nice not to be a "blueberry" anymore.

Apparently, the newest graduates to move onto base are called "blueberries" because they have to wear their dress blues for the first full week. But now Jesse has become just another airman, making room for this week's newest graduates from Lackland...the next "blueberries" :o)

He's doing great! He really likes Keesler. And his roommate is cool, plus he's able to hang out a bit with some of the friends from his flight at Basic. Apparently the food is okay, but the gym and pool are great. (Priorities!) And his roommate is in the weather program currently so Jesse's been able to borrow his book and start on his studying. He says it's way more humid than Texas...which makes my inner sweaty-self cringe! My friends from the south say you get used to it, but I'm skeptical...I do sweat like a man, after all. Ick!

Tech school for Jesse starts July 26th. Last week was all briefings (orientation to base) and the next two weeks will be "details"...which I'm pretty sure means he does odd jobs like staffing entrances to certain buildings. We talk for a bit each night...longer on the weekends. His days are pretty full and he has to get up before 4am three days a week. (I don't envy him there!)

He has a few checks and tests to get through before he can apply for a house for us. We're hoping the move date will be by the end of August at the absolute latest. It could be as soon as 3-4 weeks, though.

I'm re-learning a lot about patience and also trying to focus on not complaining on the phone when we talk...it's yet another stage (of many more to come I'm sure) where I have to trust God with timing. Neither Jesse or I can change how long or fast this takes...only our attitude about it. It's still feeling harder than when he was at Basic, but every step of this adventure will be different, and I'll adjust. Before I know it, we'll be a real family again (you know, the kind that actually live in the same house!) :o)

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