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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cozy Day

There's always so much sunshine here that I'm *yawn* not used to what once was normal for fall: overcast, rainy days.

Thunderstorms on and off all day today. My lawn is rejoicing at the rain (though I'm not celebrating there since I swear it already grew two inches and now I have to mow again!) and I'm rejoicing at the decrease in humidity and heat it's supposed to bring. Yesterday it was so hot that Bethanne and I cut our walk short and retreated back to the air conditioning to visit! :o) Did I mention she's from PA? So we're both pansies about the humidity. We commiserate together about the lack of fall, too.

Lily and I had a relaxing morning cause I broke one of my rules and nursed her in bed. (It's a rule of mine not to do that because usually we both fall asleep and it throws of her routine) BUT since it was so rainy and dark and cozy feeling (and since it's the last week of nursing) I just couldn't resist.

It's a good day for a pumpkin candle, some chai tea, and snuggling up with a book. Perhaps a load of laundry to feel productive :o)

Pray for Jesse: He's got a serious PT evaluation this afternoon. He still has the cold (though it's getting a little better, not worse) and he's feeling a little unprepared for it because it was supposed to be rescheduled till next week. And he found out yesterday that he had to take it today. But I'm sure he'll do fine...cause he's amazing like that!

Down Friday tomorrow! :o)


  1. How is this last week of nursing going? I'm praying for you and Lily!

  2. Oh thanks! It's fine...we dropped the last feeding this morning (sniff) but she's probably going to be fine with it. She hasn't seemed to notice dropping the other ones! :o)