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Monday, October 25, 2010

Still Searching...

...for a good local produce place. Our expedition to Ocean Springs on Friday afternoon resulted in some success and some failure.

Bethanne, Lily, and I found a cute little produce store that sells *some* local stuff...like raw, local honey! :o) But he and I would differ on our opinions of what "farm fresh" produce is. (As in, I don't think Washington apples are farm fresh :o) I do think he had good prices on his produce...though not worth the 20 minute drive weekly.) And he gave Lily a tiny little pumpkin so I think he's a nice old guy!

Sunshine Whole Foods store was more of a supplement/health-nut store...they didn't have bulk flour or local meat. But they did have bulk seeds, nuts, and dried fruit. I paid a pretty penny for it all, but less than I would have at the Commissary. I'm kicking myself for not stocking up at the Amish bulk food store in Addison before I left. Kicking myself. Such. A. Fool. Oh well :o)

There is a farmer's market in Ocean Springs that's open year round. Maybe I'll make it out there sometime when I have a free weekend (ha!) but who knows when that will be! :o) There was also this cute little farmer's stand thingy that we checked out but they were only really selling pumpkins and flowers (lots of pretty mums - Bethanne got one). I was tempted to buy some basil and cilantro, though...they said that you can keep them outside for many more months! But I decided to wait and see. And I'm thinking I'll probably still wait. Don't know if I can take the disappointment of the death of any more of my potted plants!

Lily really likes her baby pumpkin.

She also really likes my camera case.

And putting the pumpkin in the case.

And sharing.

Happy Fall!


  1. Don't know what it is about good old raw food in unmarked glass jars, but, its great to look at...makes me feel healthier I think! (nice angle for the photo)
    I'm so glad you have a grown up friend to keep you company while searching :)
    if you could've stocked up on stuff from Addison, what would it have been?
    and i agree, the man who supplied the adorable little LJ with her very own mini pumpkin must've been a nice guy!

  2. The bulk food store in Addison had everything I ever need to keep the pantry well stocked (flour, yeast, raw nuts and seeds, dried fruit, spices, vital wheat gluten for my bread, etc) for cheap cheap cheap. Most of it was half the unit price at Wegman's. And Wegman's was even cheaper (on many things) than the Commissary because there isn't a store brand at the Commissary. (Although, when comparing name brand prices, the Commissary can't be beat! And they also have good prices on meat and produce.) SO long story short, I should have stocked up before I left. Oops! Live and learn...maybe I'll be able to hit it before we go to our next duty station...though probably only if it's state-side, because I don't think a 50 lb bag of whole wheat flour would fit in my carry on! ;o)