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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

The Good: (News, that is...) Samantha and I checked out marvelously at our doctor's appointment this morning. It was actually very very nice to enjoy one of the perks of the T-shift...Jesse was home so I had both the car and a babysitter! So I actually got to enjoy the appointment...if you can enjoy things like that. I did enjoy the quick trip to Starbuck's on the way home! :o) Those peppermint mocha latte's are delish!

The Bad: (News...though it's not really "bad" at all!) Samantha is still cooking away. No "evidence" of impending arrival ;o) At least not just yet. But I'm keeping in mind that every labor is different and she could come tomorrow or in a week and it won't really matter much! I'm almost there...there end is in sight! My only complaint is boredom, which can hardly be considered a complaint, right? Easily remedied! (At least more easily than swollen feet or aching backs or other common pregnancy woes.) Plus, her due date isn't even here, yet, so what do I expect? I can at least give her the full 40 weeks before I start the whining, right? ;o) Oh, and as I suspected...the T-shift is weird and I don't really like it. It was nice having him home during the day, thought it doesn't seem like we get any more time with him than usual. But it wasn't nice to be home alone all night...or to wake up at 1am when he got home (this pregnancy has transformed me into a SUPER light sleeper) and not be able to fall back asleep for an hour! One more reason Sam should come soon...to get Daddy on paternity leave and then back on the S-shift, stat! :o)

The Ugly: *APPARENTLY* Miss Samantha didn't want to be a nice girl and just reuse the stretch marks that LJ gave me last year! ;o) I guess it was too much to ask that she not be blazing her very own trail across my belly. Oooooh well! More lovely Mommy-marks...I shall wear them proudly...I grew two kids in this stretch-marked belly!


  1. Your comments about "Mommy-marks" made me smile! That is such a good attitude! I need to keep in mind why they are there and be happy about it!

  2. haha! I'm glad you are proud of them. I can't say I'm proud, per se, but they do mean that 4 precious babies nested inside at one time. :) When I was complaining to a friend about the beating certain body parts took during Josh's first 3 weeks of life, she commented: "I'm proud of the way mine look. I have successfully nursed 3 children. I'd have it no other way." I told her she was crazy and I'd pay top dollar to have things back to normal. lol But, good perspective. *wink*

  3. Hehe just to clarify...I'm not proud of the actual stretch marks, nor do I feel particularly fond of them when I catch a glimpse in the mirror...But I'm proud of what my body can do/has done. And I'm thankful that God designed it to go back to "normal" (hahahaha as much as it can!) after getting SO HUGE! Plus, I figure I can't do anything about it and they'll fade with time. Or not. Who cares! :o)