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Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Pie That Almost Wasn't

Once upon a time there was a silly pregnant girl who was living far from home and was due to have a baby around Thanksgiving.

This girl really liked food and she really liked to cook and bake, but she suspected she wouldn't be much in the mood for either after her new baby came. So she carefully started to cram her freezer full of extra meals so she wouldn't have to cook for five years. (The crammed freezer has been previously documented.)

At one point, she was putting a cheeseburger pasta into her only pie pan and she thought to herself, "Self, am I going to want to bake a pie anytime soon?" "No." she said to herself.

Apparently she didn't think about Thanksgiving...the holiday where it's very important to give thanks. And eat pie.

So as Thanksgiving approached, the pregnant girl decided that she did in fact want to bake a pie for Turkey Day...mostly because she definitely did not want to cook a turkey and all the fixins, but she did want to give her husband some sort of holiday fare, so she compromised. She planned for a pecan pie and grilled reubens.

The pecan pie was for her, really. She'd been reading a fun blogger who was very convincing about how delicious it was...and she'd never tried it. So she wanted to.

The reubens were for her husband, because he really really really loves them and she hadn't made them for him since before he went away to basic training.

The day before Thanksgiving, the girl was excited to make her pie. Her husband was on the night shift and all was quiet once the girl's other baby was in bed. She pulled the homemade pie crust she'd already prepared out of the fridge and went to get her pie pan from the cupboard.

But the pie pan wasn't there.

It was in the freezer.

Full of food. Frozen food. She double checked. Yep, there it was. She almost cried...but then she got a hold of herself. Because she remembered that she has a good friend who lives down the street. (And also because her logical husband would remind her that it's silly to cry over things like pie.)

And so she sheepishly texted the friend to see if there was a spare pie pan in her kitchen? And would she bring it over? And IS THERE ANY WAY I COULD EVER PAY HER BACK FOR ALL THE KINDNESSES SHE'S SHOWN ME IN THE PAST THREE MONTHS WE'VE KNOWN EACHOTHER???

The answer to the last question is a very loud no. But the answer to the first two was a friendly yes and I'll be right over with it!

So here you have it folks. The pie that almost wasn't.

The end.

Happy Thanksgiving!

And I love you Bethanne!!!! :o)


  1. Dear Bethanne,
    Thank-you for saving the silly prego woman from her nearly pie-free thanksgiving dilemma! And thanks for being a super-wonderful friend as well! Are you going to be around at Christmas time? 'Cause I'd like to meet you!
    Jess's mom