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Monday, December 27, 2010


I can't share *all* of my favorite gifts with you, because my family ROCKS and everyone was super generous! But here are three of my favorites from Jesse.

#1 Red Heels. These pretty much rock. We found them at PAYLESS people!! And they were exactly what I was looking for, except they aren't fire engine red :o) But that's okay, cause Jesse didn't want hot red anyways! We've been on the hunt for months now and though they aren't as comfy as I'm sure more expensive ones would have been, you can't beat the price! I'm a happy girl!

#2 Bubble Vest. The one Jesse picked out. Cause he's a better picker-outer than me. (Shout out to Mom and Dad for being flexible and getting me new earings instead!)

#3 Framed Constitution. This is by far my favorite because it's something I've really been wanting and it was a complete surprise!!! I came downstairs for a midnight snack to see these puppies hanging on the wall! And I knew they were for me, because we've had The Constitution waiting for frames and I've been wanting them to go above the tv...and my man did it! I think it's cool to have it framed because The Constitution is what Jesse swore to protect as an Airman.

(Disclaimer: I wrote this post in the middle of the living room full of family members talking and joking with me. I apologize if there are even more typos than usual!)

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  1. I love your thankfulness, Jessica - and

    the shoes are a beautiful color; vest looks great (and your mom and dad are the flexible-est; constitution framed and hanging and protected...what a gift for all of us.