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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Few Quick Things

Just so you know...

1. My posts of late have been short, sweet, random, and picture-filled. I hope you enjoy...though they're a bit weird at times. I feel like I'm kind of sputtering out my thoughts and random Christmas memories to y'all :o)

2. I stayed in my pajamas all day again today. It was awesome. It was also awesome to use my new cutting board (from my Brother) and my new garlic press (from my Mommy and Daddy) to make chili tonight!

3. Bethany taught me to tag my posts...yay for organization! Now we can all hunt through my posts for random recipes, hippie musings, and pictures of Lily and Sam in a more organized fashion. Cause I know you're all into hunting through my blog ;o) I'll probably work on back-tagging the old posts, too. (You can see what I've started at the bottom right of the blog).

4. Mom, Bethany, Steph and I are enjoying the movie Hairspray while the boys are at the Casino. And the little girls are sleeping, making it all the more enjoyable for me!


  1. I love that you have a tag "oreo balls". LOL

  2. 1. I love all the pictures
    2. I love your red heels
    3. I love Beth's crazy colors
    4. I love your two little girls
    5. I love your entire family
    6. I love the framed Constitution
    7. I am jealous of Steph's hair too

  3. Mattea! I just read your comment to Bethany and we agree that we love YOU! ;o)