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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Home Sweet Home...Yawn

First night home = sleep deprived morning.

Like how well my jammies match? ;o) I'm not apologizing...

Lily is very interested in Sammy. And her car keys/clicker.

I forgot a few things about the early postpartum days :o)

1. They're switched around a bit...baby is confused at night. So is Momma. Conversations go like this: "Sam, what do you want?" "I don't know, Momma." "Can't you just go to sleep?" "Only if you hold me...or better yet, let's nurse again." "Uhhhh but we just did that, love." "I know, but that's what I want." "Gaaaah okay, we'll see how it goes. But only cause you're less than two days old...pretty soon we're gonna have to figure out a routine..."

2. I don't like being awake at night. It makes me delirious. This morning I went in to get Lily up and when she jumped up in her crib and gave me her good morning smile I burst into tears! At least they were happy tears! :o) But goodness gracious!

3. I really like that I have the Bible on my iPod with verses marked by category...say...weariness :o)

4. Jesse is the man. He's patient, helpful, and LJ's new playmate. He doesn't get mad at me when I try to micromanage exactly *how* he changes Lily's diaper and puts her jammies on. He just smiles at me and tells me I have too many "rules". He's right :o)

5. Coffee is great. Peppermint mocha creamer is great. Squishy babies are great. Morning sunshine is great. Christmas tree lights are great. Yummy food brought over by friends is great. God is great.

We can do this. And I really am loving it, though I'm in a bit of a daze! :o)

Birth story to come...but I'm peacin' out cause (shhhh, don't tell them) both of my girls are asleep. Daddy says it's time for Momma to go get some rest! And I'm not arguing!


  1. *gasp* Those jammies! And I can't tell... does that baby have socks on? ;) Listen to Jesse. I've ignored Derrick's orders to rest, to tidy up many a'times and ALWAYS regret it. Husbands know best. :) Praying for you! Two is better than one. :)

  2. Jess - I love your classy jammies (and I promise you will get some new jammies for Christmas) If I get you a new hoodie, will you retire that one from high school!?!?!?!? Jesse is right - any time you have 2 girls sleeping, you better be resting too! Praying that routine/schedule will happen soon-ish, but give yourself time!

    Nicole . . . I resemble that remark about the socks! not funny!!!

  3. I'm praying for you too...and you have a great hubby on your hands! I'm glad you listened to him...I did not do so well with that after Katie was born and I've learned my lesson! I've been practicing listening a lot more now :)

  4. Nicole J: Psssht you know my kids don't wear no socks! ;o)

    Mommy: I love you. I will not stop wearing my favorite comfy sweatshirt till it falls apart. But I do wear my other sweatshirts sometimes! And for the record, Sam's scrawny feet don't fit any socks or slippers we own just yet, but I keep em toasty warm in a blanky. The end.

    Nicole G: Listening to husbands is a good thing. So is resting. And if you're anything like me, you'll be a lot more chill with kid2 than with kid1 ;o)