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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Party Animal

This is LJ when she FINALLY woke up at 11am :o)



Oh so ready to start the day. With Blankie.

Okay, maybe a *little* bit tired, still.

Might explain the mini-meltdown at the mall...but she was such a trooper! And we did find me the red high heals I've been looking for, so the shopping trip was still a success!! Though Jesse and I decided that taking two babies and their emotional Momma to the mall the Saturday before Christmas might have been a *little* ambitious...but all three of us got a good nap in, so we'll recover :o)

And Bethany is coming tonight!


  1. Post a pic of the shoes!! (please :o)
    And give Bethany a HUGE hug for me!! (again, please)

  2. Yeah, I wanna see the shoes too! And Lily! You need to come visit and show my youngest three how to sleep in. You are amazing girlie!

  3. yeah for the smiles!
    yeah for the red shoes!
    yeah for the Bethany being there!

  4. Mattea: of course!...to both requests...though the shoes will have to wait till after I open them on Saturday ;o)
    Nicole: I know, she's the bomb. But she was a bit cranky Saturday and today...seems to be almost recovered, though.