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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Spelling Handicaps

Fun fact about the Rawleigh kids: none of us can spell. To varying degrees, we're all pretty handicapped in the spelling and grammar department.

I'm not really sure what happened, since Mom and Dad both seem pretty competent spellers. (Though Dad did inform me that he used to be terrible and had to work hard as an adult to get better!)

I was just thinking about this today because Brother was telling us we'll need to help him edit the posts on the blog he's starting soon...a task I feel highly unqualified for! I love how we always pick on how terrible Brother is in this department when we all suck at it!

(Side note: Shout out to Bethany, the brilliant valedictorian. And also to Steph, who's lowest grade this semester was a 95 or something sick like that! We ain't stupid in this family, we just can't seem to spell!)

Don't get me wrong, I definitely landed higher on the ladder of terrible spellers than Brother did...but is it really a good idea to ask your sister to edit your blog posts when she uses a dictionary at least once every time *she* blogs?

Not to mention the grammar errors and random typos that I only ever notice *after* I've hit "publish" ;o)

Well that's my thought on spelling for the day. And my siblings and myself (or is that me and my siblings??) :o)

So take us or leave us...but if you stick with us, get used to our um, creative writing!


  1. So, I could correct your grammar regarding my siblings and myself vs. me and my siblings if there were more than just a subject to that sentence. It is indeed a run-on (meaning only a partial sentence), and because of this I can't advise you properly on how to phrase the subjects to which the sentence refers. The good news is that none of this impacts the enjoyment factor of your blog!

  2. i remember reading (trying to read) a paper he had written on Romeo and Juliet...I just remember seeing the name "romo and julet" throughout the whole thing...or something of the like. lol. I made fun of him a lot. :P thank goodness for spell check eh?

  3. hahaha that's hilarious to me Del - - since Alex definitely misspells things 3 or 4 different ways in most of his writing - - every time he uses a specific word it will be spelled differently! The girls are not nearly as bad, but I am not sure how I didn't manage to hand down the spelling 'gene' to any of them!

  4. Hahahahaha... I am very spelling-challenged as well. I remember thinking it was neat when I met Alex actually, because he was the first friend I ever had who was as bad at it as I was.

  5. Andrew: it's true...bad spelling doesn't mean you're a bad friend, right? :o)