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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Cloth Diapers, Part 5

Part 5:  Thirsties Duo Wraps

Exhibit A - Lily modeling my favorite kind of cover...
Thirsties Duo Wrap, size 1.
Exhibit B - Sam modeling the same cover, 
with the snaps adjusted to fit her tiny hiney.
 As I mentioned before, I like these better than the velco kind.  The velcro wears out faster, in my experience.  The snaps don't snag in the laundry, so I think they'll hold up better through multiple kiddos.  And they'll save you money because they're adjustable through multiple sizes.  I think that size one goes up to 20 lbs.  And Lily is now wearing my set of size twos, which go up to 40 lbs.  
Meaning she'll be able to wear them till she's ten cause she's such a peanut.  Though I *hope* to potty train her before then! ;o)
I've tried one other type of covers (Econobum) and they didn't work as well as the Thirsties (mostly because my Big Baby has no butt and they ended up being too big and leaking.)  So Jillian's Drawers let me exchange them for the Duo Wraps, which I love.  If you want to take my "expert" advice ;o) and go with prefolds and covers, go with these. 


  1. Thanks for the full body shots ;)

  2. No problem! I actually thought of you when I posted them!

  3. I use the same covers and love them!!! I actually need to buy some more. :o)

  4. Yeah I think I'm either going to place an order at Jillian's Drawers before I leave here or make a trip up to Ithaca when I'm home in Corning on leave. Don't want to be running out of liners or covers when I'm in Germany!