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Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Fun Facts

Fun Facts - Germany:

1.  Public restrooms in Germany are not free.  They are almost always attended by a little old lady (even in the men's room!) who collects the customary "payment" of 50 cents to a Euro.

2.  The Germans love order and efficiency (my kind of folk!)... and rules.  Self-policing is not uncommon.  Apparently you can get quite the tongue lashing from complete strangers when you break a rule/law.

3.  The tallest church in the world is in Germany.  And I want to go and climb all 768 steps to the top... if I can figure out a way to make Jesse carry BOTH babies! ;o)

4.  When driving on the Autobahns (which refers to all the national highways) you must stay in the right lane if you're a slowpoke... obviously!  Otherwise, you might get an angry Mercedes on your tail with their left blinker on.  Translation:  I'm in the left and going fast so MOVE OVER TO THE RIGHT NOW!

5.  Public nudity is common in Germany.  You heard me.  Hmmmm this is going to be interesting! :o)

(These fun facts are brought to you by the book Cass got for us - Those Crazy Germans)


  1. That is some interesting info! I hope you do make it to that church!!!

  2. This is all very interesting . . . but I NEED PICTURES . . . PICTURES OF MY GRAND DAUGHTERS AND THEIR COUSIN WEEKEND!!!!! Come on people, you have been together for 24+ hours AND you have even posted on your blog!