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Friday, January 7, 2011

A Happy Tuesday

Today is Friday... YAY FOR THE WEEKEND with Jesse home!  Yesterday went great and today is going well so far.  Things are crazy, but it's a fun kind of crazy!

But Tuesday felt like the worst Monday ever... no Jesse.  No Dad, Mom, Brother, Bethany, or Stephanie.  (And as I mentioned last night, Wednesday was a rough day.)  But on Tuesday, in the middle of the afternoon I heard the doorbell ring.  When I finally got down to check I found this box.
 In it were these flowers.
 And this note and scripture verse.
From the best Dad-in-Law and Mom-in-Law a girl could ask for!  If that didn't brighten my whole day, I don't know what did... except possibly the fact that Jesse was home at 4:30pm! :o)  But seriously, these lilies are beautiful and have been lighting up my kitchen... and lifting my spirits... and reminding me of God's strength... all week!


  1. You really do rock... and you were right... they're getting more and more beautiful! I bet there really are a hundred blooms now! :o) Thanks again!