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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Keesler's 70th Anniversary

So apparently Keesler Air Force Base is celebrating a big one this August... 70 years!  According to General Mueller, our base is the bomb.  Okay, he didn't *actually* say it that way.  But he did mention a couple pretty cool things...

First, since 1941, more than 2 million students have graduated from various forms of training programs at Keesler! 

Also, Keesler was the first tech school to introduce "television technology" (ha!) to the classroom in 1962.  Cutting edge stuff, people! ;o)  I just thought that was funny... and my head started spinning when I thought of how far technology has come since the tv busted onto the scene! 

As we approach graduation and leaving Keesler, it's cool to think about how we share this common ground with over 2 million other former students out there.  General Mueller inspired me to "...take pride in your contribution to our rich heritage of training, caring, and innovating.  Train to fight, train to win." 

Okay, so I'm not doing much in the fight/win arena... but my man is certainly up to his eyeballs in training, caring, and innovating and I'm mighty proud of *his* contribution to this base over these past seven months.

Happy Birthday to Keesler AFB!  It's been great living here: shopping at your rockin' Commissary, having my baby at your lovely hospital, enjoying this crazy southern weather, and working alongside My Love... watching him grow into an Airman.  Keep up the good work!  


  1. You *should* be proud of him. He's gonna be a great Airman!

  2. I know. He's pretty much my favorite Airman EVER! ;o)