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Saturday, January 29, 2011


Here we have my two favorite jogging buddies on our first solo trip out yesterday afternoon.  

And here you have LJ getting herself ready for our first family jog this morning.  She REALLY likes to go outside now that she knows what it is... and that she usually gets to play and walk a bit! ;o)  She brought her shoes over from the pile and plopped them in the kitchen where I was finishing getting ready... smart girl knew something was up! 

And here we have what Jesse calls "The Stroller Emporium" 

It took us a bit to figure out that we have to take the back wheels off first.  


And even then it took a bit for him to get it wiggled in there... but where there's a will there's a way!

I would *like* to say that our four mile jog/sprint/walk this morning was *pleasant* but that would be a lie! ;o)  I'm definitely hurting... my self-appointed "trainer" is kind of mean!  But all the same, it was fun to go out together.  Jesse's been trying to get me to run with him forever. 

I'm glad I'm finally listening to him! 


  1. wow - pretty jealous of your motivation and determination...good job Jess. LJ is funny with the ol' "shoe drop" ploy!

  2. Yeah she's super funny these days. Getting to be quite the smarty-pants!