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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Three Things

1.  I went for a run with Cassie today.  It was the first time I took a run in about two million years... I'm feeling pretty victorious because I didn't walk!  And uh... we'll see if I can walk *at all* tomorrow! ;o) 

2.  Lily got super jealous watching Jesse throw Zave around and promptly attached herself to his leg until he picked her up instead!  Awww...

3.  Jesse *completely* avoided the Princess section of the Disney store at the outlets.  It *appears* he thinks he can protect his girls from the onslaught of pink and frills.  Heh heh heh yeah right Babe! :o) 


  1. 1. that's great you two got to run together!
    2. wish i could've seen that- so glad she 'likes' her daddy now!
    3. you're right - he just thinks he has some sort of control over his girls and pink and frills...it won't last too much longer :)

  2. 1. (giggles to self - two million years?)
    2&3. Jesse- you are raising 2 girls - - they are already princesses - - you should accept that now and BE their Prince Charming. Also, if you let them do the pink and frills and ruffles now, they will get it out of their systems and turn their backs on pink and frills later!

  3. Seriously... two million years :o)