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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


"There remaineth therefore, a rest to the people of God."  Hebrews 4:9

"Ah!  Christian, the hot day of weariness lasts not for ever; the sun is nearing the horizon; it shall rise again with a brighter day than thou hast ever seen, upon a land where they serve God day and night, and yet rest from their labours.   Here, rest is but partial, there, it is perfect.  Here, the Christian is always unsettled; he feels that he has not yet attained.  There, all are at rest; they have attained the summit of their mountain; they have ascended to the bosom of their God.  Higher they cannot go.  Ah, toil-worn labourer, only think when though shalt rest for ever!  Canst thou conceive it?  It is a rest eternal; a rest that 'remaineth.' "  Charles Spurgeon

Rest is coming :o)


  1. Not yet here at 14 Maple. Hopefully you find it sooner than us...but not the type of rest that Spurgeon discusses here. That rest can wait a while yet.

  2. Yep. For now, I'll enjoy the quiet rest of two girls napping at the same time... and a second cup of coffee! But I do look forward to the real eternal rest! ;o)

  3. Thanks for that reminder Jess!