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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Air Force Wife Lesson #5: Don't Take No for an Answer

Lesson #5:  (As you can see, I'm learning a lot lately!) 

Don't take no for an answer.  Be polite... but don't be afraid to push for what you need.  Sometimes one person may not be able to help you, but someone else can!

Example: We have a ton of paperwork and appointments going on right now.  Last night, Jess was getting a little concerned that we were cutting it too close with my medical appointment being next Thursday.  He can't get his application for his orders in until I've got that paper signed by a doctor.  And I think after that we still have one more appointment.  But the sooner he gets his orders, the sooner we can get started on the next round of paperwork and appointments... which is longer than the one we're working on!  So if we waited till next Thursday to get my medical release, he wouldn't be getting his orders until three weeks from graduation.  Not cool.

So I called the Keesler appointment hotline today to see if they could squeeze me in tomorrow.  Then he could apply for orders Friday.  No dice.  She wasn't real helpful... "no earlier appointments available, ma'am, and sorry there's nothing else I can do."

Well, hm, thought I, what would happen if I called the family medical clinic directly and explained the whole back-logged paperwork problem...

Bingo.  I'm in this afternoon.

Shout out to Ashley for letting me hitch a ride with her (she has an appt at 2:15 and mine's at 2:20!) and Bonnie for letting Lily nap at her house!

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  1. Awesome! Glad you were able to get that taken care of. :)