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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


PDG:  Professional Development Guide

This is the most boring book in the whole wide Air Force world!  It basically covers everything from what to wear and how to wear it, who's invited to what events, the history of the Air Force, what it means to lead and how long or short you can cut your hair. 

This is what Jesse's been studying for the Airman of the Month board on Wednesday.  And it's boring.  And he has an audio version of it downloaded to the computer for our listening pleasure.  Goody.

But seriously... it's important stuff.  And it'll become his lifelong friend as long as he's in the Air Force because it's the same book you study when you're testing to be promoted later on.

So I guess this is the snooze-fest soundtrack of my life for the next few days :o)


  1. no more listening for a while after today!
    how's he holding up? (you could prob take the interview for him with all that subliminal info intake!!)

  2. He's doing well... seemed a little stressed at times during the studying and all. And he had to get his dress uniform altered and was a little disappointed that it wasn't exactly what he'd wanted but it was too late for them to adjust it again.

    *Fingers crossed and prayers said!*