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Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Fun Facts

Fun Facts - Nicknames

1.  Lillian:  Lily, Lily-Bear, Bear, Silly-Lily, Girl-Baby, Tiny-Hiney, Peanut, Shrimpy-Girl

2.  Samantha:  Sam, Sammy-Wammy, Spitty-Face, Beefcake, Squishy-Tushy, Chunky-Monkey, Hungry-Hippo, Chub-Wub, Sissy, Doll-Baby

3.  Interchangeable:  Love-Buggie-Boo, Love-Buggie, Buggie, Big-Diapey-Butt

Also, I should probably go on the record to say that LJ and SJ have become written shorthand nicknames only.  We once thought we'd call Lily LJ, but it didn't stick. 

But I do like how they look.

Oh, and PS:  I don't love Sam more because I have more nicknames for her.  Nor do I love her less because most of her nicknames seem to be calling her a fatty ;o) 


  1. That is so cute, it must be a mom thing for moms to call their children funny names :) lol

  2. So true! What does your Mom call you?