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Monday, February 28, 2011

Mountain Climbing, 16mo-Style

Look at those calf muscles! :o)

 "Gee, Momma, thanks for all your help.  Jerk."

"That's what I'm talkin about!"


  1. I can't wait to have her climb 'mountains' at gramma's house! [where's the nearest slide? I guess the bigger question is: will it be covered in snow by that time?]

  2. I've never taken the kids inside to play there but...there is always the indoor playground at the mall. The lighting in the place is depressing, and the staff look less than impressed to be there but... a slide is a slide, right? ;)

  3. she is DETERMINED! (love the captions) and our snow just got mostly rained away :P
    looks like all that serious eating is beginning to have some results...
    and the outfit is adorable - just really strange to think it's that warm there when i'm sitting here in sweats thinking about turning the heat up!!

  4. The outfit is made even more adorable with those super cute red shoes you got her! Sorry I had to cut the straps off... they kept coming undone but the shoes stayed on anyways.