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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Only 30 Days!

30 days till graduation and here's what's on my mind:

  -we have a lot of paperwork and appointments left, but the end is in sight
  -LJ and SJ wear the same size disposable diapers
  -I want to make some more banana flax muffins today or tomorrow
  -the cobwebs and dust bunnies and soap scum are calling out to me, but I'm ignoring them. Because I have to deep clean before we move anyways. Or because I have two babies. Or because I'm being lazy about it...
  -the weather is supposed to be nice here all week, so I'm hoping to score a run most mornings; we'll see if my girls and my motivation cooperate
  -date nights rock... we went shopping for new clothes and out to dinner, all at a leisurely pace! :o)
  -we're coming up on a four day weekend and we already have every single night booked... mostly my fault... fun stuff (getting together with some friends, hosting a jewelry party, babysitting the K's boys, etc.) but it'll definitely make for a whirlwind weekend!
  -pretty soon we'll be in Corning, then Mass...
  -I have four loads of laundry that really do need to be folded and put away


  1. oh my WOW!!! that isn't very long at all! I am SO stinkin' excited to see you all I can hardly stand it!!! keep on with all that paperwork and phone calls and appointments . . . we love you!!!

  2. your weekend plans make me want to take a nap! :)