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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Stories from the Dentist Office

Went to the dental clinic on base today.  Had a form they needed to fill out for me.  Apparently you have to have healthy teeth to PCS to Germany ;o)

So the tech says, "And this shouldn't take long because I already pulled up your x-rays."

Interesting, thought I, since I haven't had x-rays done in years...

I'm sitting in the chair looking at the x-rays she has up on the computer and I curiously ask her, "Um, are you sure those are mine?  I haven't been seen here yet..."

She looks at me, rather confused...

"Are those maybe my husband's x-rays?"

"Aren't you Jesse Aiduk?"

"Um, no... I'm JessICA... his wife..."

(Here it comes...)

"Oh, haha, his name is Jesse and yours is Jessica?  That's so funny!"

"Yeah... we get that a lot."  ;o)

Now, I wonder how often this is going to happen to us, because in the military all of *my* records are listed under *his* ID.  Meaning whenever they pull up my records at any doctor's office, they're going to see his name listed as the sponsor and my oh-so-similar name listed as the patient.  Confusing.  Poor folk. 

On to the next story... this one's my favorite. 

Here you have my lovely teeth. 

Doctor asks enthusiastically, "My gosh, what happened to you?  Did you have a really bad car accident or something?" 

Me: blink, blink... confused stare... ??

Doc:  "All those screws...?"

Me:  "...I think those are my earrings?"

Apparently the tech was supposed to ask me to take out my earrings but she's new and forgot... so what you have there right above my teeth is a ghost image of the earrings, which the dentist thought looked like screws in my nasal cavity from major reconstructive surgery!

Nope, just earrings.

He had a good chuckle over that one.  I'm pretty sure he went and showed all his buds my picture after I left ;o) 

"Look at this x-ray, what do you think it is?  Oh, and *her* name is Jessica and *his* name is Jesse!"


  1. This entire story made me laugh out loud - too funny!!! What'd the girls do during your appointment????

  2. this was a good one :) mike and i had a good laugh

  3. hahaha i saw the x-ray pic before I read and I seriously thought: "oh they must have messed up again and gotten the wrong x-rays... cause jessica has never had to have reconstructive facial surgery..."

    then I read the rest and laughed at myself

  4. Haha Beth that's awesome! Mom, they told Jesse he could just stay home and come in late so he watched them.

  5. LOL I knew exactly what they did, I've done it before!. Oh, that makes me want to process films. And now I'm curious as to the reason your orthodontist chose to extract your teeth. Are you getting your wisdom tooth extracted?

  6. Nicole, probably sometime. I'm not really jumping up and down wanting to since it's not bothering me, but I understand the reasons it's better to have them out. I obviously am not worrying about it anytime soon, ha!