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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Two Discoveries from Today

1.  Beefcake is becoming less of a blob and more of a little person.  She likes to look at toys now!  And sometimes accidentally gets them caught on her hand, which she thinks is very fun!  She kicks and wiggles and giggles away!

2.  Mississippi does not have seasons.  There's two weeks of "fall", two months of "winter", and two weeks of "spring".  Other than that:  SUMMER :o)  Though I like it... sort of... I think I'm looking forward to living in a more normal climate.  This humidity is brutal.  As in, was I running or swimming this morning??? ;o)


  1. I'm jealous. I wish I were somewhere hot. We are currently getting 12 inches of snow.

  2. I know, I really can't decide if I would like living here or not. I think, though, that I may be convinced to live somewhere down south, just not so humid. Don't tell my Mom or MIL ;o)

  3. I love my sister's weather in South/North Carolina. I also hear that Maryland is absolutely perfect.

  4. Yeah Maryland would be nice because it's still within driving distance. But only time will tell where we land!