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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Weather Training Complex

In case you're curious... this is where the majority of Jesse's time at Keesler has been spent.  (And can we talk about how big that tree is?)

Many good times have been had at the schoolhouse, I am sure.  What's not to love about being stuck in a building with no windows all day just talking about the weather? ;o)  Oh, and interesting tid-bit about the job: weather is one of the only jobs in the AF where the enlisted guys can sometimes directly influence the mission.  Makes sense... it's pretty important to know whether or not it's safe to send a plane out.  So you'll get enlisted guys working closely with senior officers.  Fun fun fun! 

Speaking of weather, it's 60 out!  Not to brag.  But we're going to the park after lunch! :o) 

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