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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Why Being in the Air Force is like Being at the Playground

When you're little and you're at the playground, everyone is your friend.  At least, everyone was *my* friend. Mom said I would constantly run up to her with a new playmate... "Mommy!  See my new friend?" :o)

It just makes sense... a simple matter of common location and common season of life!

It didn't matter if we'd only just met and Mommy had just told me we were leaving soon...

Lay, Dills, and Aiduk.  RED ROPES!!!
"Let's be friends!"

So in the Air Force, I feel like you just become instant friends... like at the playground!  Not only am I meeting tons of lovely ladies who are mommies of wee ones, but we all have very similar AF experiences.  Most of our husbands enlisted to get a degree, get a better job, have insurance, etc.  We all went through BMT and know what *that* feels like.  And we're all going through tech school.

Hey, our husbands are both Red Ropes!  Well then we *must* be best buds! :o)

I don't really remember this *per se*, but I'm sure when I left the playground as a 6-year-old, I was sad to say goodbye to my new friends... because there wasn't much of a chance I'd see them again. Maybe tomorrow, but you never know!

Cori, Me, and my new friend Christine (she's in Jesse's class)
Who will I meet at "the playground" next?

Too bad I can't pack up all my old and new friends (and family) and take them to Germany with me!

(Shout out to my mom for inspiring this post!  HI MOM!!  I love you!)


  1. hi baby - I love you too! this post made me want to cry, but I'm not entirely sure if it's because of the nostalgia or because I'm running a fever!

  2. Wow thanks! Was it the concept in general that moved you? Or the mad writing-skills? ;o) Or the fact that you miss me, your "bff from that one time we met at church and went out for pizza"?

  3. Jess, you. Look. Fabulous! Seriously. And...I, too, teared up. Miss you kid. xoxo

  4. Well gee, thanks! I think I look a little greasy-faced in this shot, but these girls are the bomb so I had to include it! ;o) (Death to vanity!)