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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Fun in a Box


  1. Boxes are always the best... Especially when your parents spend lots of money on other toys!

  2. look at that head of hair! and that biggish belly! priceless smile.
    how's the talking coming?

  3. *sniff* *sniff* I remember Natalie getting that onesie in the last pic for her first birthday. And next year I fully plan on just wrapping some boxes for Ali. Seriously.

    PS- Notice the spelling of "Ali"? I'm trying it out. Derrick would prefer to spell it "Ali". I prefer "Allie". Suppose we should have discussed this? lol Which do you like? Derrick thinks "Ali" is better since Natalia has the "Ali". Which makes sense. But when I see "Ali" I just think of the boxer. haha

  4. Victoria, so true! The girl is not wanting for clothes, toys, or boxes thanks to her grandparents! (The last set of shots is after opening our most recent care packages from both grammas)

    Belly is post-dinner time and quite full ;o)

    Nicole you crack me up. I like Ali, actually. But I spell Lily like the flower not like Lilly (LiLLian?) which confuses people sometimes. And Jesse picked on me when I was asking him about Sam's name. I'm like "Sammy? Sammie? Sami? Samie? Samy?" And he just blinks and says, "Who cares woman?" ;o) So I went with the most common/makes the most sense.

  5. that girl *is* fun in a box!

    note to self - make sure there are a couple of empty boxes around in march!!!