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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Goodbye My Friend

Dear Bethanne,

I'm so thankful we met at Heartlink.

I'm so fond of all the times we spent together... drinking coffee, tea, hot chocolate... going on walks... chatting in between bathroom breaks ;o) 

I'm so jealous you never saw a single cockroach in your house.

I'm so happy you always saved us a seat at church!

I'm so glad you were so generous with your time...i.e. watching my kid at the drop of a hat... as in when I went into labor ;o)

I'm so excited for your little man to be born soon.

I'm so thankful you loaned me your camera when my camera was at the doctor's... I would have been a very sad Momma to have missed so many memories without it!

I'm so wishing I didn't have to follow Air Force Wife Lesson #2 right now.

I'm so going to miss you!

Love, Jess

PS: I think it's so hilarious that we own three identical pairs of shoes ;o)


  1. You look very European in this picture. I like it even if it is not your real color.

  2. I'm so happy you met Bethanne! That was ( and continues to be) my prayer for you long before you arrived in Biloxi: for the Lord to prepare a friend for you. He prepared quite a few! And you lopk amazing!

  3. I'm so grateful that God has blessed you with a great friend and I know he will continue to do that at each post you go to. And and I agree with you Dad and Nicole- you look amazingly beautiful!!!

  4. wait . . . Bethanne's got a little man on the way?!?! I'm so excited!!!

    this post got me all teary-eyed . . . I am also grateful for Bethanne and all she has been in your life . . . and I don't like airforcewifelesson#2!

    but I do like that you will be home soon!

  5. Jess! Thanks so much! I am so grateful for our friendship. I can't imagine how different (and super lame) my time down here would have been if you wouldn't have invited me over that first time! You are such an awesome friend and I am seriously going to miss you! :( But, since you guys are going to request North Dakota next maybe we'll see each other again(Haha)! I'll be praying for your trip and your transition to Germany.

    Love, Bethanne :)

    P.S. If it makes you feel any better I'm pretty sure we are infested with those tick-looking things. :)

  6. Oh, does this picture mean you didn't pack your shoes and will be bringing them to Corning? I've been dying to see the actual color of them! ;)

  7. Dad, European, eh? Well, I wouldn't know... yet ;o) But I'm glad you like it. You *are* my toughest hair critic!

    Nicole, yes of course these shoes are coming with me! They never leave my sight ;o) And thanks for praying that specific prayer... He really did answer it.

    Bethanne, I didn't wish those bugs on you because I was jealous, I swear ;o) No voodoo magic here. And you *know* North Dakota is my dream home! But alas, I may never get my "first pick"... but it's only a plane hop away, right?