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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Let the Sharing Begin

Having them so close together, I fully expect them to share clothes.  I just didn't think it would start three months in... disposable diapers for the both of them!  Size two fits them perfectly! ;o)  Makes it easier on me... only need one size in the bag!  Oh, and these suckers SMELL!  I now understand the invention of the diaper genie.  Yuck.  I would buy about ten diaper genies if I was going to be using sposies more often.  (But they sure are convenient!)

In other news, it's time to end this here blogging session and get to work.  Movers come to pack the majority of the house tomorrow morning!  I need to finish the pile of hold baggage, which they'll be taking away tomorrow.  And also set aside all the stuff we need to bring in the car to NY/MA and on the plane to Germany so they don't pack it away!

The sun is out (no tornados!) and it'll be a good day to blast some music and run around like a chicken with my head cut off during naptimes.


  1. That. Is. CRAZY! Allie is in size 3, for goodness sake. Pictures must not show LJ's shrimpy frame accurately. Wow. Just wow. :)

  2. Nicole - it is pretty much crazy! Pictures really don't show just *how* shrimpy the 'big' girl is, but in her defense, she IS at the absolute top of the weight for size 2's . . . do you remember the post about Jess trying to figure out how Lily (16 months old) was going to wear her jeans (probably still only size 12 months) while she was in NY and MA? I'm worried b/c I bought a couple of outfits for her for summer (2011) that are size 18 months . . . hoping that she will be able to wear them in Germany - but probably only with those cloth diapers on!!!

  3. How about those stinky diapers!! Is there any remedy? I've been thinking about that a lot lately...nearly every time I round the corner near the trash actually. Sheesh.