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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lodging Fiasco, Part Two


We're waiting for Jesse at the base hotel.  I'm nervous, cause he's taking a long time.  And I'm stressed, cause we were fighting about dumb stuff... and cause both babies are taking turns screaming.  (At least they weren't screaming at once!)

But it's gonna be okay, cause soon they'll be in bed and we'll get to relax.

The house is packed and being cleaned.  Graduation is in two days.  We can do this.

Jesse comes out to the car agitated.  They don't have our hotel room.  "WHAT?"  I say!!!  But I *know* I got a confirmation email!  We're supposed to have TWO rooms and a KITCHEN!  Then he tells me the receptionist says our reservation must have been "messed up" because they have one for us that only has one room... and they won't allow us to put four people in one room.

*Awkward pause*

"Uh, Jesse, I have to... spoil... a secret... I think they might have our reservation confused with... YOUR DADS..."

*Jessica bursts into tears*

"It was... sniff... supposed to be... sniff... a surprise... sniff... but I reserved his single room at the same time as our double... *SOB*..."

Jesse pats me on the back and scurries back into the hotel to see what he can see about all this shenanigans.

In the meantime, both girls start SHRIEKING and I wipe my tears and step outside the car.  Did you know that you can't hear crying babies in a car when you get out of it?  You can still see that they're safe, but you don't have to experience the high blood pressure that comes with hearing the screams...

Jesse comes out.  No dice.  I start crying again.  He tells me to be strong... but I can't.  We go to his squadron and confirm with his MTL what the hotel told us:

The Air Force will pay for our lodging elsewhere.  We just need to submit this and such form.  But we can stay wherever we like, within reason.

Two hotel calls later and no luck.  Girls aren't crying anymore cause I fed SJ and we gave LJ her cheeseburger.  Finally!  But the hotels are full because there's a world class poker tournament at the Beau Rivage.  Good grief.

I feel like Mary... no room in the inn... except I'm not in labor ;o)  Just reeeeeally tired and cranky.  And so past the meltdown point.  With two babies who are still awake long after their bedtime.

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