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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Favorite Window Ledge

These are Dad's plants.

He built the window ledge in the sun just for them.

I love the way the sun hits them in the morning.

He's really good with plants.  They love him.  He loves them.  He has a few that he rescued from his old office before it closed down... so they're now going on almost a decade (maybe more... correct me if I'm wrong Dad?) of life.  Some of them even have names... cause my family is weird like that.

This sucker has the best story... it's one of the ivy plants from Cassie's wedding!

I must point out two things about this plant that I marvel about.  One, that it's still alive.  I don't know of anyone else who still has theirs!  (Cass, do you?)  Two, how HUGE it is!  They started out as these tiny little shoots that were so cute as wedding favors... I remember the night we had them all over my dining room table as we planted them and sprinkled the soil with pretty beads.   He's going to transplant it to a bigger pot soon and give it some more climbing space.  Sheesh.  Okay three things... it's older than my nephew.  Weird!

Look at it go!  Good job Dad!  You inspire me!  Some day (when I'm not so focused and busy with growing children) I'm going to try my hand at plants again... I still lament the death of the "love plant" that Jesse and I were given for our engagement.  Sadly, it did not last as long as our love ;o)  Poor mandevilla.  Poor, poor mandevilla. 


  1. I love your Dads plants and the special ledge for them! And I don't think it's weird that the plants have names because I have names for my plants too-or I'm also weird....

  2. Maryah... I think we're all just the same kind of weird ;o)