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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Separation Anxiety? Who, Me?

Remember this girl?  The one who, only a few months ago, would scream and cry if I left the room?  The one who would scream and cry if anyone else even talked to her, let alone tried to play with her or hold her or babysit her? 

Yeah, whatever. 

I remember thinking her separation anxiety would never end and then *poof* all of the sudden, without me really noticing, she's so over it! 

Here she is at the Drill Down.  She was totally cool with letting Cori and another girl she didn't really know hold her at various points when Jess was busy (I had SJ in the moby... just so you think I wasn't being a deadbeat mom or something!).  And she's totally cool at the nursery at church.  And totally cool with our friends who are so so so nice and babysit for us. 

She's basically totally cool.  Period.  Especially with her black and red getup.  GO BULLS! :o) 


  1. Yay Lily! Titus is starting that delightful phase. *super* fun... Not!

  2. Sydni is in that phase, too, and dramatically so. You're lucky Lily is so collected! :) I'm still nervous about Syd at graduation.....

  3. Oh and I love the bandanna!!!

  4. Cori, Sydni is going to be fine at grad because she's gonna be chillin with her new bff Lily! ;o)

  5. the latest BEST pic ever!
    so cute