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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Snow Day

Well hello winter wonderland!  

I'm not... really... sure how I feel about this...

On the one hand, this is really pretty.  
On the other hand, we were going to grill steaks tonight.

I guess we can't grill.  But we can introduce LJ to the white stuff.

This is where I'm spending most of my day.  

Lily, too... especially once she learns how cold the white stuff is! 

Oh, and I'm also not going for a run at all while I'm here ;o) 

This is the back porch.  Let it be known that I argued with Jesse about bringing my winter coat because I didn't want to try to fit it in our luggage.  He *reminded* me that spring in Corning is not flip flop weather.  

He's right.  Again.


  1. I was actually going to see if you wanted to run and then eat lunch at Heavenly. Offer still stands. I'm going this afternoon around 4. Offer is set out to join me for that too if you'd like!

  2. You. are. crazy. XOXO ;o) Thanks for lunch, though!