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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

House Hunt Update

Jesse and I spent over two hours on AHRN.com last night (aka the automated housing referral network).  We sorted through all the housing listings in the area and narrowed our search down to... twenty!

*Only* twenty places we need to try to go see in the next two weeks :o) 

Okay, so we aren't probably going to go to all of them.  The way it works around here, with so many Americans constantly in and out, is that houses pop up for rent and then *poof* - gone.  So it's likely that some of the places we're interested in already have contracts, or will be taken by the time we call, etc. 

But at least we have a list to start with.  Jesse only has a partial day of in-processing today and tomorrow, then off on Thursday and Friday.  So we'll be house hunting in our spare time!  I'm going to write out a list of all the houses on paper so that we have the numbers and addresses to plug into the GPS.  Then you basically just call up the landlord and ask to set up an appointment at their earliest convenience.

We have our hearts set on one house in particular... but we're trying to keep in mind that it's not likely we'll get it.  It's in a perfect location (not far from Sembach or Volgeweh or Ramstein), in a really cute neighborhood, and has a lot of character.  But it's not available till May first and when Jesse talked to the landlady yesterday she explained that she has a lot of interest but can't show it till the 28th when her current tenants move out.  So it looks like it's first come, first serve.  But sometimes they don't choose the first people who come to see it... so we'll see!  We're still going to keep in contact with her and try to get that place... but we need to look at other places, too.

And if we find a place that even sort of fits for us, we've been told by numerous people we should just take it!  So that's the house hunting plan so far!


  1. Have you ever seen the show called "House Hunters International"? :)
    It's one of our favorites-I wish you guys could be on it, and then it would be our favoritesy :)

  2. I haven't seen it, but definitely heard of it. I wish they would put us on so we wouldn't have to work so hard! :o)