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Sunday, April 10, 2011

My Favortie Sox are Red

If you watched the game, you know we don't have *much* to celebrate as far as the score goes...

But going to our first Red Sox game together was definitely something worth celebrating!  

It was SUCH a beautiful day for a ball game! 

My man got me a new Red Sox hat... I was gonna spring for all pink but I liked this one better... just a *touch* of girly! ;o) 

We absolutely LOVED our seats (aka standing room) on the Green Monster!  It was a great view... not for the faint of heart if you don't like standing for hours... but we enjoyed it!  No lines for concession OR RESTROOMS!

This (our second round of hot dogs) was as BIG AS SAMMY! ;o) 

 Thanks for the amazing memory Babe! 

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