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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Perfect Path

We found the walking/biking trail.  It's so nice!  It runs parallel to the main road going from Ramstein to Landstuhl, the next city over.  Of the twenty or so people I saw in half an hour, only about three of them (plus me) were walking.  Biking... it's all the rage over here! :o)

Kate didn't lead me false... it went right under a bridge and through a meadow!  (Two, actually!)

I think this is one of my new favorite pictures.

Right through that clearing is Ramstein's flight line (the base).

Look at that bright green!  

Under the bridge you can read all sorts of graffiti.  Mostly German, but some English.  Probably from those American hoodlums! ;o)  All in all, it's the perfect path for a walk/jog/bike ride.  And since I don't have a bike, I think I'll start jogging again.  Lord knows I could certainly use the stress relief!  And, ahem, my middle is telling me I could use some exercise, too! ;o)  I was thinking we'd go out today, but I need to try to get the girls to take an earlier pm nap so we can get to apt #2 on time... hopefully with them being bright eyed and bushy tailed to wow her!  We'll see.  

And speaking of the girls, this is probably my *other* new favorite pic! ;o) 


  1. Gorgeous!!
    and the last one is the BEST-

    love you all

  2. Love the photos! I really hope you get the apt #2! Do you have bikes and if yes then did you bring them? -Maryah

  3. No bikes... but all the bike-crazy Germans are getting me curious to start pricing them out. I just don't know if Jesse would be too excited to buy a cart for the girls since we just got the jogging stroller. We'll see ;o)