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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Perfect Saturday

Yesterday was one of those perfect Saturdays.  You know, the ones that start deliciously late and are filled with sunshine and warm breezes and relaxed breakfasts and walks to the ice cream parlor and Skype dates with family and visits with new friends (Kate was working again)? 

(Sorry to make you jealous if you *still* aren't experiencing Spring yet...)

Welcome to Ramstein.  They have a coat of arms!  Don't ask me what it means, but it appears to be very German!

Maybe the lion protects the city?

We parked the girls in the shade near the ice cream shop... it was right next to the church and near the restaurant we ate at the other day.   Poor LJ experienced her first ice cream headache and would only eat the waffle cone!  After we ate Jesse had some fun taking some artsy-fartsy pics ;o)

This is all in the church "yard".

If we had to guess (there was no sign and it wouldn't have been in English anyways) we think this statue is honoring the men from the city who died during WWII.  There are names along the sides with dates that all seem to line up with that time ('39-'45ish, right?  Any history buffs out there to say yay/nay?)  It's sobering to think of the impact that the war(s) had on them.  Being in Germany makes you think a little more about "the other side" of things like that...

But let's not think of sad things... let's think of Spring!  And the fact that both my babies are sleeping already (and have been for over an hour cause they didn't get afternoon naps!) and Jesse and I are about to enjoy a movie night before he heads back to work tomorrow.  

Jesse's got FTAC tomorrow.  I am now armed to define it for you:  First Term Airman Class.  It is fondly referred to around here as "death by briefings" and is apparently one heck of a boring way to spend two weeks of your life.  But it is what it is!  (Which, apparently, is just an orientation into base life and what is expected of you when you're occupational.) 

I really hope you had a great Easter celebration!  We wish we could have celebrated with friends and family like usual... but alas, not this year :o) 


  1. it does look like a great day - a little blue sky, some exercise, and some art all thrown in together...
    love you all

  2. And yay for skype - it was great to see you all!!!!