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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Untangling the Bases for Ya

In case you're confused (as I was) here are the three main base names I'll be referring to often:

1.  Ramstein:  This is the biggest base in the area.  It's an Air Force Base (or Air Base, not sure what the difference is) and it's also the home of the KMCC (Kaiserslautern Military Community Complex) where there's a BX the size of a Super Walmart and a mall to go with it!  Plus a big Commissary and lots of other goodies and amenities that I have to find out about.  It's kind of the "home base" for all the bases in the area.

2.  Sembach:  Jesse's squadron - the 21st OWS (Operation Weather Squadron, I think, but don't quote me on that definition!) is currently based here.  It's about 20 minutes from Ramstein, maybe less, and is much smaller than Ramstein.  It's actually considered an Army Post now.

3.  Vogelweh:  This is the other smaller Air Base that matters in our life right now, as it's where the 21st is going to move to by the beginning of next year.  It's right outside of K-town and closer to Ramstein than Sembach. 

So as we're looking at housing locations, we're trying to aim for something that's not too far from Ramstein (where we'll do our "American" shopping) or Sembach and Vogelweh.  Gas is pricey here, so we don't want too long of a work commute for Jess. 

And that, friends, is about all you need to know about the bases... for now!


  1. who's on first (base) - what's on second - and I definitely don't know is on third! is K-town also known as Kaiserslautern?!?!?! and I probably didn't spell that correctly! we definitely need a map of the place posted soon!

  2. Yep, all the American's call Kaiserslautern K-town. And you read my mind about the map! I already have you covered (stay tuned!)

  3. Thanks. I was definitely confused!