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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Let's Take a Walk Around the House (Outside)

You already saw this one.  I'm standing on the sidewalk across the street.  Remember, the whole second floor is our first floor.  Top left is the wall of windows in our living room :o)

That's our garage (to the right).  I'm pretty proud of us for not filling it with too much junk.  Mostly we're storing the stroller in there for easy access... we also have our big blue paper recycling can in there.  We *could* fit our car if we wanted, but it's a little bit of a hassle since it's not an automatic door and the driveway is short.  We'll probably park one car in there in the winter, though... to avoid scraping windows!

First set of stairs.  The little white box to the left there is our buzzer system.  It's all the rage in Germany.  So someone can go "buzz buzz" and I can either shout at them out the windows to come on up, or come down and show them the way.  

Then you walk past Lilo's door to our second set of stairs.

Here's our gate at the top of the stairs... on our side patio.

From the patio you can see part of the side yard.  It's really big so I'll be showing more of it once the new camera comes.  Speaking of things I want to show you but can't till the new camera comes... there's now a small garden right about in the middle of this picture :o)  My hubs helped me plant it this weekend!  I'M SO STINKIN' EXCITED to be growing things!  (Well, I *hope* they'll grow anyways!) 


Here I'm standing back in the corner of the side patio where we have our grill.  The door there goes into our kitchen/living room area.  The window is in the kitchen.  And the upstairs window is Lily's room.  She has a GREAT view :o)  I usually keep her shades down for the night (it doesn't get dark here till after 10pm!) so every morning when I go in she jumps up and points to the window to have me open it for her! 

Okay, that's all I've got for now.  Time to go hang some more laundry on the line, see if my big baby is up yet, get her some breakfast, maybe make some crackers, definitely take a walk in the sunshine :o)  And hopefully Skype with some Aiduks this afternoon!  (I'm having family-skype-marathons this week!) 


  1. This is for reals the coolest house ever.

    And I'm assuming you have a detailed post in store telling us all about the delicious stuff you've planted in your GARDEN. (!!!) Can't wait to read that. :)

  2. Hey - you do have a fabulous husband who got you a fabulous house - - I like it alot! The question is, has he made a decision about the camera yet?!? I am personally rooting for a new point and shoot (even if it's not as expensive as the lost one). . . we found our 'fancy' 35 mm camera wasn't as useful with little ones b/c it was more complicated and you kept moving out of those Kodak moments!

  3. oh and is that an awning on the side patio? it looks like a real real nice one - with a choice of rolling out an awning just over the door/window or one over the whole patio.

  4. OK, this is a far cry from the quaint little cheapo looking abodes that WE had in the Air Force, I can tell you that!!! VERY nice Jess! So glad for you, and you sound so happy! (which makes me happy!) You asked about my camera (on my blog) -- it's a fairly basic Kodak, that's it, but I will admit to coveting something a little snazzier just because I think I'd really enjoy it. Stay well, stay happy! You're quite the mommy! Hugs for you!

  5. Mom: yes. It's an awning. And I can't wait to show you how hideously 70s it is ;o) We have one that can come out over the balcony, too!

    Gram B: agreed... this is not your typical military housing, to be sure! We are so blessed!