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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Olive Bread

Now that's what I call a yummy lunch!  Fresh olive bread (green and black baked right in!) from the bakery downtown, tomatoes with salt and pepper, pepperoni, brie, and salmon.  And beer. 

Yesterday we went for a family walk.  We stopped by the bakery for the first time and got two small loaves of bread and a pastry treat.  Then we went to the church square where we let LJ play by the fountain, chase birds, and help us eat our pastry. 

I really wanted to see if the church was open for visitors so we checked the front door and it was.  But no one was there to ask about the history so I'll have to go another time.  And take some pictures :o)  It was amazing on the inside... very tall and spacious and impressive.  Made me think of the heights and strength of God.  I'm so tempted to find out when the Protestant services happen... but I have no idea how that would work in practicality.  I doubt we'd get much out of the service :o)  Plus, I doubt they have childcare so... that would leave us in the back trying to keep two babies quiet.  Hmmmm. 

Well anyways, it was a lovely sunny Fourth of July for us.  And now Jess is back to work and starting class today.  Lily's doing good on the potty.  Sam's doing good being a baby :o)  We might venture out today to the local grocery store for some produce.  It's within walking distance... we'll see how brave and ambitious I'm feeling. 

Happy Tuesday!


  1. mmmmm bread et al looks yummy-
    and the church sounds very interesting. and for a while church attendance may be more about connecting with other likeminded folks, than actually hearing a message :)
    do you remember all the fireworks we saw last year on the fourth all the way from the airport to our house?