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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Speaking of Windows

Lily thought it was great to have such a fantastic view of the maintenance guy cleaning out the drain just outside the door.  She stood there the whole 20 minutes he was working!  Lilo was also outside and was trying to get Lily to wave to her, but LJ likes to play hard-to-get with Oma. 

Sam thought Lily's puzzle was much more interesting.  She likes to slobber the pieces to death... of course. 

Hi, cutie-pie!  (She's got some crazy messy morning hair going on!)

And THEN, did we have a thunderstorm yesterday, or what?  It was crazy!  After getting over the initial shock of the thunder (ever time it would rumble she would whimper and shake her hand - the Lily sign language for "all done" ;o) ) she thought it was pretty neat after all.  (Oh, and the picture on the right is her whining to me after she bumped her head on the glass... a little too aggressive in her rain-watching I guess!)

Slobber-face could care less about thunderstorms, as long as Momma's around ;o) 

But boy was this girl curious about the torrential downpour!  And look at those pudgy little arms!  Toddlers.  I just want to squeeze them and kiss them and... except for when they're napping (like right now).  Then I would rather just enjoy the quiet and look at pictures of their cute little tushies.


  1. Lily!! Sam!! Your SOOOO adorable!!! Aaaaghh!!

  2. Beautiful girls!! Is Lily in underwear? How's that going?

  3. LOL Maryah! And Leah, it's going great! I should probably do a "potty update" ;o)

  4. Lily is so cute! I love the last photo. So precious.